First Trailer For Let Me In: So Far, So Good

By Katey Rich 2010-07-01 08:03:27discussion comments
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If you weren't convinced by the early review we ran last month, here's further proof that Matt Reeves's American remake of Let the Right One In, titled simply Let Me In, may be pretty great. The international trailer has hit the internet, and it strikes pretty much all the right notes-- moody, vaguely threatening, emotional, tender, with a hint of violence underneath it all. It's so true to the spirit of the first Swedish film that you might even accuse it of being unoriginal, but for an early trailer cut together to assure fans of the original that it won't be an atrocity, it does precisely the right job.

It's kind of remarkable, actually, how faithful it is to the original film. Many shots and settings seems precisely replicated, the lead kid actors seems to be hitting the same emotional beats, and even Kodi Smit-McPhee's haircut seems to be deliberately mimicking Kare Hedebrant's from the original film. Hopefully Let Me In won't cross the line from honoring an original to totally mimicking it, but I have high hopes for now. Check out the trailer below.

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