First Trailer For The Sarah Palin Chasing Documentary You Betcha!

By Will LeBlanc 2011-09-16 07:34:00discussion comments
First Trailer For The Sarah Palin Chasing Documentary You Betcha! image
It was only a matter of time before someone took it upon themselves to make a documentary that tries to make Sarah Palin look like an idiot. Well, a bigger idiot than she makes of herself every time she opens up her mouth to let America know that the Earth is only 10,000 years old and that Jesus rode dinosaurs. Finally, Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill have undertaken the task with You Betcha!, for which the first trailer has emerged online. Check it out below.

It looks like the filmmakers spend a lot of time sliding around a frozen Wasilla, Alaska looking for sound bytes, good or bad, about the infamous Palin. Speaking with her family, ex-family, and even trudging through City Hall before being unceremoniously booted from the property. Broomfield manages to get some perspective on Palin’s career in politics as well as how she handles herself on and off camera. I’d say this sounds interesting if I wasn’t already utterly disgusted by her existence.

You Betcha! starts in select theaters at the end of the month, September 30th, so get ready to hear a lot of people say a lot of stupid things like, “She doesn’t use big gigantic words,” which is obviously a topic of interest for a lot of “smart” Americans. The film will likely split viewers just like Palin does herself. There’ll be people who love it because it makes her look like the fool that she is, and there will be people who hate it for the same reason. Sarah Palin is a menace and hopefully this documentary will knock some sense into those people who can’t seem to get past her friendly facade and actually listen to some of the idiotic things she says.
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