Flight Of The Conchords Star May Join Cast Of The Hobbit, Figwit Returns?

By Josh Tyler 2011-04-01 00:10:12discussion comments
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Flight Of The Conchords Star May Join Cast Of The Hobbit, Figwit Returns? image
Bret McKenzie was in Lord of the Rings, but you probably didnít notice him. He got about three seconds of screen time as an elf. Instead you probably know Bret as one-half of New Zealandís second most popular export, well third if you count sheep, Flight of the Conchords. Now Bret may be headed back to Middle Earth for The Hobbit. This time he may even get three lines.

Stuff says Peter Jackson has offered McKenzie a role in The Hobbit. Please note that the publishing date for the story is April 1st, which makes it entirely possible that this is a prank. Besides, No one seems to know exactly what role this is.

In Fellowship of the Ring Bret got three seconds of screen time, and then in Return of the King got to stand sort of near Arwen and actually say something. Fans noticed and soon took to calling the three-second character Figwit, an acronym for ďFrodo is greatÖ who is that?Ē Hereís Bretís Return of the King cameo:

Itís not much of an appearance. Bret made up for it later by putting together a Frodo-themed Conchords music video:

Which lets face it, isnít as good as ďBusiness TimeĒ.

Or... maybe the whole thing's an April Fools joke. We haven't been able to confirm it either way, and their story doesn't offer any clues other than its publishing date.
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