Former Fast And Furious Assistant Reteaming With Director Justin Lin For Sci-Fi Crime Thriller

By Mack Rawden 2011-06-04 17:25:42discussion comments
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Former Fast And Furious Assistant Reteaming With Director Justin Lin For Sci-Fi Crime Thriller image
Yesterday, I wrote a story on Evel Knievel. Before he was the legendary daredevil, Robert Craig Knievel sold insurance, and he was damn good at it. In fact, within the first few months, he emerged as the leading salesman in the company. He demanded to be promoted to vice president. When he wasnít, he quit and single-handedly forged his own legacy in another career. Thatís one way to make it. The other way is by staying put and paying your dues. It might not be as glamorous, but the end result can be just as satisfying. If you donít believe me, ask Bobby Glickert.

A lowly production assistant on Iron Man and Transformers, Glickert eventually took a job as Fast & Furious director Justin Linís assistant. In his spare time, he made short films and talked ideas with his new boss. That led to a pitch meeting with Michael Bay and Paramount, who promptly purchased his untitled sci-fi pitch. Now heís just sold a second sci-fi pitch to Universal and convinced his old boss, Justin Lin, to come aboard as a producer.

Mixing science fiction with the crime drama, Glickertís latest is supposedly a very gritty take on the future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, those who heard the pitch have compared it to Michael Mannís Heat, but the specifics are being kept very tightly under wraps. A screenwriter is currently being sought to flesh out the ideas, and if all goes well, the project should gain enough momentum for a shoot early next year.

Surrounding yourself with bosses who have their shit together is always better policy than making a little more money to work for nobodies.
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