Fox Responds To Wolverine Delay Rumors

By Josh Tyler 2007-11-21 01:10:49discussion comments
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Fox Responds To Wolverine Delay Rumors image
Yesterday here we brought you the news that the upcoming Wolverine solo movie might be facing delays. Our sources told us that Baz Luhrmanís Australia was occupying all of Foxís stages in Australia, where Wolverine is to shoot, and as a result the film might not get done before the SAG strike this summer, delaying it for the foreseeable future.

20th Century Fox took exception with our story, and contacted us to let us know that this isnít true. Not exactly. Hereís what they told us about the future status of Wolverine:

ďWe are still planning to begin principal photography in January. We have every intention of keeping this on schedule. Australia is a Fox production as well, so we will work with that area of our production group as best we can to make both production schedules work (not to mention availablility of our star of both - Hugh Jackman).Ē

Note that they donít exactly contradict our story. They do however sound committed to making it work, even if Australiaís ongoing production gets in the way. Whether or not itíll work out that way, I guess weíll have to wait till January and see if Wolvy starts shooting. Good luck Fox, I for one would love to see more of growling Hugh Jackman.
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