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By Josh Tyler 2011-06-20 18:16:13discussion comments
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The first full trailer for Puss in Boots has arrived. Awhile back we got a teaser, but mostly that was just Puss dancing. This one contains actual footage from the movie which, well, kind of looks exactly like Zorro but with a kitty. It doesnít help that Puss in Boots is actually voiced by the last guy to successfully play Zorro, Antonio Banderas.

Will this character work on his own, outside the Shrek universe? After Shrek 2 Iíd have told you this was a great idea for a spin-off, but after all the Shrek movies weíve had to endure since thenÖ now Iím not so sure.

Watch the first trailer for Puss in Boots embedded below.

The trailer works in parts, mostly in all the moments when Puss is doing typically kitty stuff. Though itís worth noting that even that joke, is kind of old. Family Guy for instance, has been doing pretty much the same gag for nearly a decade now, using Brian the family dog. Itís also worrisome that so much of the trailer takes place in the dark, suggesting similarly dark settings for the movie. That would be fine, if this wasnít going to be in 3D. But 3D is what Puss in Boots will be, and 3D almost never works on dimly lit movies.

Expect Puss in Boots to show up in theaters November 4 of this year. For more on the movie visit the Puss in Boots page in our Blend Film Database.
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