G.I. Joe And Transformers Crossover? The Producer Tells Us How It Could Happen

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-28 14:21:36discussion comments
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And in mentioning that you try to do what you can to make it better in the sequel, just for this film specifically, you are introducing a bunch of new people, but also keeping some continuity with the old film. How do you pick and choose?

Itís tricky. Itís tricky. One of the things we wanted to do after the first movie is, we felt like we didnít get to do enough ninja stuff the first time around. So, that was a big priority was how do you make a ninja story. Itís tricky to integrate it. So, we actually just said, ďWeíre not going to integrate it at first. Weíre going to let it do that and then come together,Ē which is dangerous to split story lines and I think we got away with it, but it is dangerous because youíre sort of going, ďWhatís the motor? Which story am I supposed to be emotionally investing in as an audience member?Ē So, we wanted to do more ninja. So, I think we succeeded at that. You know, the idea of the President of the United States as a bad guy is such a cool idea. Iíve never seen that in a movie and itís hard to find original bad guys. So, we thought, ďThatís a go.Ē

And to get Jonathan Pryce back also, itís...

Exactly. So, those two things were what really sort of locked in the decision making process and then from that point you sort of go, ďSo whatís the bad president plot and whatís the ninja plot,Ē and then Joe stared coming out of that. It was funny. Thereís as many fans that love Heavy Duty as love Roadblock. Thereís a warring thing. Itís sort of like Flint and Duke. Itís two decidedly different camps and so you canít please both sides of the equation, but I think Roadblock came in part because I just loved the name. Roadblock is a great name and then you put Dwayne as Roadblock, well thatís almost like a double positive, isnít it.

Well, that is kind of a point, I mean Dwayne Johnson has kind of earned the name, Franchise Viagra and Iím just curious, from a producerís standpoint, it must be amazing to have a guy with that much charisma and that size also just as your action star.

Itís great, but the thing about him which I think people under-appreciate is heís able to somehow able to remain emotionally accessible despite his size, despite his physicality, despite the danger thatís represented by a guy like that. Thatís what i really like about him is that heís also able to have a sense of humor, but even more. Thereís a warmth. I mean, you see him with his daughters. You see him at home. Thereís a naturalness to that which makes you route for him on a different level than you might otherwise.
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