Gandolfini Produces A Little Sexual Healing

By Rafe Telsch 2008-01-31 21:31:05discussion comments
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Gandolfini Produces A Little Sexual Healing image
James Gandolfini is getting involved in a movie that would make Tony Soprano proud. Although the mobster is best known for his anti-social behavior, the character had an eclectic taste in music that Iím certain would have included Marvin Gaye. Now Gandolfini has joined a Gaye biopic as both producer and actor.

Sexual Healing currently stars Jesse L. Martin (Rent) as the musician. According to The Hollywood Reporter Gandolfini joins the cast as Gayeís manager, Freddy Cousart, who was responsible for helping Gaye through one of the highest points of his career. Lauren Goodman is directing the picture; her second endeavor as writer/director.

Gandolfini also will produce the picture through his company, Attaboy. He and his partner Alexandra Ryan join fellow producers Ayo Davis, Efuru Flowers, and Roger Haber.

Sexual Healing is currently slated to start filming in April.
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