Gangster Squad Photos Show Ryan Gosling On Set, Penn And Brolin Face Off

By Kelly West 2011-12-09 13:21:09discussion comments
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Among Ryan Goslings upcoming projects is the Ruben Fleischer directed Gangster Squad, which also stars Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte. These aren’t the first set photos to make their way online, but if you’re a fan of eying Gosling looking chic in 40’s attire, they’re worth a look.

Gangster Squad is set in the ‘40’s/‘50’s and follows the LAPD’s attempts to keep the East Coast Mafia from spreading crime in Los Angeles. A few months back, we saw Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling looking cosy on the set of Gangster Squad. In one photo, Emma is snuggled up against Gosling and puffing on a cigarette. The latest set photos, courtesy of Just Jared don’t feature Stone, but some of them do show Gosling (and/or his character) getting his nicotine fix, while dressed up in a suit and hat, which he sometimes shares with a nearby statue... the hat, not the suit. (Is that Grauman's Chinese Theater?)

Just Jared doesn’t specify who the second man is in the above photo, but judging by the fact that he’s dressed nearly identically to Gosling (with the hat and jacket, minus the chain at his belt), it’s possible he’s a stand-in.

The era looks good on Gosling, but anyone who’s seen The Notebook already knows that. Then again, we’re seeing a much more dressed up version of Gosling than we ever saw from his portrayal of Sparks’ Noah Calhoun, at least in his early years. There are more photos from the set, which you can see here.

And while we’re on the subject of Gangster Squad, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Fleischer, who spoke about the movie, including how the story fits in to Paul Lieberman’s series of articles, which ran in the L.A. Times back in 2008, and the excellent cast. The article includes this First Look photo:

The picture above features Sean Penn and Josh Brolin. Fleischer explains the scene featured in the photo, stating:
Ultimately it’s the story between these two guys. It’s Josh and Sean who face off at the end after a big gun battle between the Gangster Squad and Cohen and his men. O’Mara catches up to Cohen and Sean mockingly says, “Okay, copper, take me in.” It ends in a fistfight between Cohen and O’Mara, and it was a pretty epic sequence to film between Josh and Sean.

Read the full interview here.
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