Get The Free Cinema Blend App In Your iTunes Store

By Josh Tyler 2011-04-02 01:13:53discussion comments
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Get The Free Cinema Blend App In Your iTunes Store image
Last week we announced the launch of the first ever, Cinema Blend mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices right here. Our apps arenít just a bunch of links that take you back to the site so we can make money off you with our advertising, unlike most of the movie site mobile apps youíve probably tried, weíre actually giving you all of our content, right there on your phone, in one easy to use app.

Now weíve taken the next step forward, and the free Cinema Blend app is officially available in the iTunes store for Apple users. If youíve already installed the instant iPhone app we made available last week, you donít have to do anything. If you havenít installed it yet, the whole process just got easier. Just go to iTunes and search for ďCinema BlendĒ in the store. Or simply click right here to go directly to our app page in iTunes right now.

Try it out and if you like it, leave us a good review on iTunes to help spread the word. Cinema Blend is an independently owned site, and we need the support of people like you, to stay independent.

If you donít like the app, come back to this page and let us know what you didnít like about it in the comments section, and weíll keep improving and updating the CB iPhone app to improve your experience.
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