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By Joshua Tyler 2005-07-21 00:00:00discussion comments
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Iím a fan of Lance Armstrong, not because I care about cycling, but because heís a fellow uni-baller. Lots of people survive Testicular Cancer every year, but his was a pretty extreme case since the cancer had spread throughout his bodyÖ even into his brain. To go on from that and still be one of the best athleteís in the world is pretty damn impressive. I have to admit, his name popped into my head more than a few times a couple of years ago when I was under the knife for the very same reason. The guy is a genuine inspiration, and having someone like him to look to does have a weirdly calming effect when youíre going through the same thing. That said, do we really need a movie about it?

Lance thinks so, and heís already throwing around casting ideas. I canít imagine having an ego big enough to declare my life worthy of a feature film, but then I probably just donít have enough ego-propping sycophants. Lance spoke to Menís Journal and touted Matt Damon as the guy to bring his battle with both the French and cancer to life, ďI've had the chance to get to know Matt Damon. He is a fan of cycling and has a connection to cancer. He has even expressed an interest in the role.Ē

With Lance about to win his seventh straight Tour De France and subsequently retire, look for him to settle in with book deals and feature films soon. Iím having a hard time imagining his life story on a multiplex movie screen though. Maybe he should shop it to Lifetime.
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