Godzilla Stomping Back Into Theaters?

By Josh Tyler 2009-08-13 20:38:19discussion comments
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Godzilla Stomping Back Into Theaters? image
Every few years someone announces the return of Godzilla and then some lousy movie gets released in Japan, a few nerds herald it as the second coming, but nobody ever really sees it. This time itís different! No really. Itís different because Bloody-Disgusting says the monsterís next movie may be made by Legendary Pictures. Thatís Warner Brothersí blockbuster arm, the people who made Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, 300, Watchmen, The Hangover, and basically half the highest grossing films of the couple of years. They make blockbusters and if they do a Godzilla movie itíll be big budget, high-priced special effects, and wide domestic release.

Of course thatís not necessarily a good thing. Roland Emmerich tried his hand at turning Godzilla into a big budget spectacle back in 1998 and the result was, well letís just say it wasnít good. Throwing money at Godzilla isnít a sure-fire recipe for success. For starters, getting someone who isnít Roland Emmerich to make it might have helped. Though Emmerich has worked for Legendary Pictures in the past, heís already said he has no interest in a sequel to his 1998 film so that should mean everyoneís favorite Tokyo-smashing lizard is safe from his philosophy of wanton destruction, at least for now.

If BDís rumor pans out itíll be someone else (throw some salt over your shoulder to ward of Brett Ratner) who takes a swing at making cinemaís biggest lizard work. Weíve had giant robots and Peter Jackson has already remade King Kong, so I guess bringing back Godzilla was inevitable. Itís next in the creatively bankrupt, idea recycling circle. Right now the rumor is that Legendary is only in early discussions, so weíll see where it goes.
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