Gone Girl Posters Stack Up The Evidence, New Trailer Coming Tomorrow

By Eric Eisenberg 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Gone Girl Poster
The Panties
Reading Gone Girl, we are first led to believe that this skimpy piece of sexy underwear, discovered in Nickís office, actually belongs to Amy Ė a sign that she wants to rekindle a more sexual relationship Ė but itís later in the book that we learn that this isnít really the truth. In actuality, these panties belong to Andie, Nickís lover, who will be played by Emily Ratajkowski in David Fincherís film. Instead of being sexual and seductive, these panties are just one of the many pieces of evidence that Amy plants in order to try and frame Nick for her "murder." f

Gone Girl Poster
The Box Cutter
While the red panties are discovered by the cops, the box cutter is one important item that Amy makes sure doesnít fall into an evidence bag. In order to make her fake crime scene more believable, Amy uses this box cutter to slice a nice big gash in her arm so that she may spray a good amount of blood all over the kitchen floor. Again, this psychotic behavior is all done in the name of framing her husband.

Gone Girl Poster
The Diary Page
Remember what I was saying earlier about not being able to trust everything you see in Gone Girl? This may be the perfect example of it. Scribbled on with the sentence "This man may kill me" on the day that Amy was kidnapped, this is clearly a page ripped out of Amyís diary and points to the idea that Nick is the one responsible for her disappearance. But itís all a lie. As we learn in the second half of the book, Amy has been keeping a fake diary for years just for the purposes of one day faking her own death and framing Nick for the crime.

Gone Girl Poster
The Wedding Photo
Of the four posters, this burned wedding photo is the only element that I donít quite remember from the books. To fit in with the other three I assume it does, but at this moment I canít quite recall its larger significance. All the same, the symbolism is pretty hard to miss, as the deterioration of the photo is reminiscent of the deterioration of Nick and Amyís marrage. Itís also worth noting that an unburned version of the picture can be found my going HERE and clicking on the framed photo on the mantle.

Gone Girl will be in theaters October 3rd.
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