Grow Some Facial Hair And Be In Cowboys And Aliens

By Katey Rich 2010-04-13 06:52:42discussion comments
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Grow Some Facial Hair And Be In Cowboys And Aliens image
Any newspaper article that begins with the phrase "Get those beards a'growin!" is one worth your attention. In the local newspaper The Santa Fe New Mexican there's a notice for men with "facial hair, mutton chops, mustaches and long goatees" to be extras in Cowboys and Aliens, the Jon Favreau-directed adventure that starts shooting in the New Mexico desert this summer.

But ladies and kids, don't be discouraged-- they also need Native American women and children, as well as horseback riders, to fill in the background roles as well. Sadly they're only casting for size 8 and below, "it is a wardrobe availability problem." All the information you need is at EG Casting.

Of course, being an extra is a tricky job, and may be downright miserable when filming in the New Mexico desert in the middle of the summer-- especially with that added facial hair. But I'm betting that for the chance to see Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford shooting down aliens in the desert, a lot of people willingly sign up for that suffering.
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