Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: What We Know So Far

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Groot Guardians of the Galaxy
He can only say three words (okay, five words), but still Groot, the alien tree voiced by Vin Diesel, was able to create some of the most emotional moments in Guardians of the Galaxy - one of them being his incredible self-sacrifice to save his friends in the third act. Aboard the Dark Aster with the rest of the Guardians as it was crashing down to the surface of Xandar, Groot grew and morphed to become a protective shell for his teammates in order to save themÖ and he was shattered into a million pieces as a result. The good news is that itís incredibly hard to kill a Groot thanks to their regenerative powers. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot is nothing more than a sapling who enjoys grooving to the sound of the Jackson 5, but by the time we see him in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 he may be full grown once again.
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