Guillver's Travels Poster Ties Jack Black To The Beach

By Josh Tyler 2010-06-02 00:53:46discussion comments
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Hereís the first official poster for Jack Blackís upcoming take on Gulliverís Travels. You remember Gulliverís Travels, itís the story where a normal guy ends up in a land of little people who are so small they think heís a giant. Being sensible people, theyíre afraid of giants, and early on they attempt to tie him up. Youíll see that scene pictured in the poster below.

Itís a good poster, but Iím bothered by it. No, itís not the freakishly unnatural airbrushing on Jack Blackís face that has me irritated. Itís his shoes. Heís wearing those horrible, half-Converse All-Stars which have slowly begun to supplant proper Converse All-Star hightops as the shoe choice of social misfits, outcasts, all girl rock bands, and traveling Time Lords. Only All-Star high-tops are acceptable, Jack. I expect better from Tenacious Dís frontman.

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