Guy Ritchie Abandons Lobo To Rush Sherlock Holmes 2

By Josh Tyler 2010-01-27 02:36:29discussion comments
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Guy Ritchie Abandons Lobo To Rush Sherlock Holmes 2 image
Itís gone almost completely unnoticed, lying in Avatarís shadow, but Sherlock Holmes was actually a massive hit. Perhaps itís even more amazing that it was able to do as well as it did, competing directly against Avatar. Imagine how it might have done released with a little breathing room between it and the biggest movie of all time. Warner Bros. is imagining, and theyíre eager for Sherlock Holmes 2.

One problem, back in September before Sherlock Holmes became a hit, word was Holmes director Guy Ritchieís follow-up project would be a big screen adaptation of the DC Comic Lobo. Warner Bros. canít wait. They want Sherlock Holmes 2 now, and so, the LA Times says Ritchie is dropping Lobo in favor of fictionís greatest detective.

Iím disappointed. Not because I donít want more Holmes, I do, but because I was hoping some other director might get a shot at the franchise. Guy Ritchieís take wasnít bad, per say, but most would agree thereís room for improvement. For example, they might have brought in a director who could convince Robert Downey to enounciate his words clearly enough to be understood. Even without that, Holmes really seems like a character that lends himself to multiple interpretations. Thereís really no reason he has to be married specifically to one directorís vision. If a whole series of Sherlock Holmes films are in the works, Iíd rather see Warners take a Harry Potter approach to it, bringing in different directors to give each installment itís own unique tone. Instead, hereís more Guy Ritchie.

Meanwhile, Lobo is left in limbo. Ritchie is almost certainly out, and producer Joel Silver says theyíre planning to move on with a different director. Who will that be? Hopefully someone with an R-rated sensibility and a gift for sarcasm. The Lobo comics are sort of a dark and violent superhero parody. The titular Lobo is a seven-foot tall alien with exceptional strength and a badass attitude. He smokes, he swears, and he engages in mindless, meaningless violence. Tired of superhero movies? Lobo will be different, if of course, they ever get it done.
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