Hangover 2 Happening?

By Josh Tyler 2009-06-18 00:33:00discussion comments
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Bradley Cooper is running around telling people that a sequel to The Hangover is happening. Of course this is also the guy that told everyone he absolutely was not going to be Face in the A-Team movie, only a week before it was announced that in fact, he was.

So while maybe you cant exactly trust Bradley Cooper its still worth nothing that he told WENN this: Were going to shoot it next fall... Weve gotta go to space or something. Some weird thing's got to happen. Thats actually less vague than it could have been. He even lets us know when theyre going to start shooting. Still, I have this funny feeling that a sequel to The Hangover will be one of those things that gets talked about for years and years, and never happens. We go through this with almost every big comedy hit. Dude Wheres My Car? was supposed to get a sequel. So was Old School. Hell were still talking about a sequel to Anchorman. Talking, but not much actual doing.

Besides, great though The Hangover was it really seems like one of those one time things. It doesnt exactly cry out for a franchise. Where can they take it next? I'm pretty sure that, despite Cooper's enthusiasm for airless voids, space is out. Amsterdam? Harold & Kumar have already covered that (sort of) and besides after their run-in with illegal drugs in Vegas Im pretty sure none of these guys will be going anywhere near anything that cant be bought over the counter in America. Thailand? No they've already covered the Asian gangster thing.

I loved The Hangover and I plan to go on loving The Hangover. In fact I love The Hangover so much that Id rather rewatch it, than risk them screwing up on a Hangover 2.
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