Hanna Will Overthrow Conspiracies On Blu-Ray In September

By Jessica Grabert 2011-07-15 18:27:43discussion comments
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Hanna Will Overthrow Conspiracies On Blu-Ray In September image
Sans Hannaís soundtrack, which is more reminiscent of having a bad trip at a low-quality rave than a decent tracklist, the Saoirse Ronan assassin film was really a highlight of the mostly forgettable winter. If you didnít catch the film, its action sequences play out well enough for digestible mid-year fodder. Despite its winter plotline, itís too bad Universal Studios Home Entertainment couldnít spring for a summer release date. Future buyers will have to wait for September 6th to get their hands on the Hanna Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital release.

Though Iíve alluded to action, Hanna is an action thriller, about a teen girl sent to kill her familyís mortal enemy, but also about a girl who must learn certain truths about her family. Though the flick did make a little money on its $30 million budget, it didnít manage to grasp the relevance it needed to be a hit. If you havenít checked it out you, can view the trailer, here

The trailer might be enough to motivate you to purchase Hanna, but Universal isnít taking any chances. The Blu-Ray release especially, but also the DVD, will feature extensive extras. Both discs will come with deleted scenes and an alternate ending. Director Joe Wright will come through with some commentary and a featurette covering Hannaís big escape scene will also come with both releases. Blu-Ray only supplementary material includes the usual BD-Live and Pocket Blu applications as well as four more featurettes. If you disagree with me about the soundtrack, one of the aforementioned specials will focus on the Chemical Brothersí musical contribution in Hanna.

Since the filmís release, star Saoirse Ronan has picked up leads in The Host, Byzantium and Anna Karenina. Thereís a good chance the seventeen year old will be competition for big-budget romantic comedy within a few years. Watch her kick ass now. It might be your last chance.
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