Hilfiger Tries Movies On For Size

By Lexi Feinberg 2006-05-12 00:00:00discussion comments
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Hilfiger Tries Movies On For Size image
Tommy Hilfiger, the fashion mogul responsible for all those sporty clothes we canít afford, recently sold his company to Apax Partners in a deal for $1.6 billion. He is leaving the world of clothing behind and putting a large chunk of change into another outlet: movies.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hilfiger has invested $20 million in the original feature film Rags, under his Tommy Hilfiger Entertainment banner. It is the first of many movies he plans to produce.

Want more info? The billionaire explains, "Now that I closed the deal to sell my fashion company, I plan to invest more personal time and capital in productions within my own entertainment company. I opened Tommy Hilfiger Entertainment six years ago -- we've been involved in the music business and we've done some television -- but now I'd like to become more serious about media."

Rags is an ensemble piece set in the fast-paced world of New York Fashion. It offers an inside peek into the ups and downs of the industry, seen from the perspective of a fashion publicist, veteran model, a manager, an aspiring fashion designer, and others. Since his reality TV show ďThe CutĒ failed to, er, make the cut, hereís hoping the big screen will treat him more kindly. And if not, he has more than enough bags of money to cry into.
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