How Adam Wingard's You're Next Has Been Improved On Its Long Journey To Theaters

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-14 23:27:29discussion comments
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I remember when the film played at Toronto Ė I wasnít there but I remember going on Twitter and seeing all of these incredible reactions and Iíve been waiting to see this film ever since. I was super excited. So I have to imagine youíre even more so to finally have it be released.

Oh yeah. Well, we ended up getting bought, basically a month before Lionsgate merged with Summit and so a lot of movies were getting dropped to video because the just had such a huge slate and so we were really nervous that was going to happen to us and Lionsgate told us all along, you know, Jason Constantine, heís basically like, ďWe love this movie. We believe in it and as soon as we have an opening for it, weíre going to put it out,Ē and, at first youíre like, ďOh, I hope heís not bullshitting us,Ē but he put his money where his mouth was, you know, and they really did get behind it and pushed it forward.

Has the film changed at all or is it still the same as it was at Toronto and Fantastic Fest?

The main thing that changed since Toronto is, the movie was actually done with a base of four month turnaround. It was super rushed and the main thing we thought was rushed was the sound mix. Yeah, the sound mix was fine before, but weíd always been kind of unhappy with the Foley and just sound of the sound design elements and there are two music tracks we wanted to add different places in there. So, since we had some time, and Lionsgate was willing to let us get it to the next stage for another ten days, we went in there and we just tweaked things, we made ADR sound better, we did a couple lines, we redid them, because the performances didnít match on the screen or the audio quality was different. So, basically, we just used this opportunity, which was great, while we were waiting to make the movie what we wanted.

Totally. To kind of go back to the beginning, I know youíve worked with Simon before on other projects, but Iím curious, when it came to collaborating on this one, were you there for the entire script-writing process or did you...?

No, no, no. Thatís not how Simon and I work. Basically, I come to Simon with my interests and in this case, I said, ďSimon, letís do a home invasion movie,Ē specifically the movies I told him that I was really interested in was Them, The Strangers and the first ten minutes of Scream, you know. And I was like, ďCan we make a movie like that?Ē Simon literally just took that and went off and did his own thing and I was expecting to have a movie about one person in a house, because I really wanted to do something that was more, cause coming out of A Horrible Way to Die, which is like this drama, mumble core thing, with a lot of talking and stuff. I wanted to do a movie that was more technical based and it was really funny, because then I got the script and it was even more complicated then I was expecting, in all ways...totally itís like, itís a very challenging movie and I thought, ďDammit. I thought this was going to be something easy.Ē

But yeah, the way Simon and I work is Iíll tell him my interests and if it clicks with him, he goes off and just writes it and then the way we know that itís the right film to do is if whenever he delivers that script, if itís about 90% there, usually itís like, ďOk, this is the one to do,Ē because weíve gone done the line with other projects, specifically, recently we went down the line with this action thing and it just never came together and you just canít force it. Simonís the kind of guy whoís like, he does his thing and I do my thing and we give each other notes and stuff, but we respect each other as individual artists and stuff and I want him to put his voice on it, because it inspires me and then he lets me do my things as a director and gives me space sometimes to improvise lines. Heís not going to care.

Heís not precious about it.

Yeah, exactly. He knows that anything Iím doing, Iím just trying to make the best movie and I know heís trying to make the best movie and thereís no point in second guessing each other and it always works out.
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