How To Do Naval Warfare Without Water And 4 Other Things We Learned About 300: Rise Of An Empire

By Eric Eisenberg 2 years agodiscussion comments
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300: Rise of an Empire Water
Despite Being A Naval Warfare Movie, 300: Rise Of An Empire Had A Completely Dry Set
Along with movies like Sin City and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, the original 300 pushed forward a new form of filmmaking using what was called a "digital backlot." Essentially every scene in the movie was filmed on a stage against a greenscreen and all of the backgrounds were inserted with CGI. Unsurprisingly, as a means of maintaining a franchise aesthetic, this was the same style that was used during the making of 300: Rise of an Empire, but the technique also led to a bit of interesting behind-the-scenes trivia.

Despite the fact that the sequel is a naval war film that has Greek and Persian warriors battling on ships out on the high seas, the extended use of CGI in the movie actually allowed the filmmakers to keep the set 100% dry. "There was not a drop of water on set," Murro said on the Bulgarian production. "So to create a naval war, that is an approach. Thatís a big undertaking in terms of trying to solve it from a technical point of view, and an aesthetic point of view, and a pragmatic point of view, and a thematic point of view."

So when youíre at the theater this weekend seeing 300: Rise of An Empire, be sure to stare as closely at the water as you can, know that itís not really there and embrace just how awesome movie magic is.
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