How Patrick Wilson Became A Believer On The Set Of The Conjuring

By Katey Rich 2013-06-26 16:55:39discussion comments
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What is it about him as person that you would like to explore?
For me itís always just trying to do something different and even though Iíve done the horror genre once, I mean, Insidious is a totally different set up. If anything, Iím closer to Roger, Ron [Livingston]ís character, the husband in peril and saving his family. There is a lot of being protective with me and Lorraine, but I think itís fascinating, a couple that dedicated their life to the occult, supernatural, demonology and the guy was one of seven or eight demonologists, the only person at the time that was authorized or supported by the Vatican to give an exorcism who wasnít a priest. He knew more about this world than most priests around the world. I donít think most priests delved into the demons and the backstories and the hundreds of years of spirits. I donít think anyone knew that better than Ed. He read. Everything about him, he was always reading and studying and from a very early age just really loved this world. I can latch onto somebody like that that has that kind of passion even though it wasnít my passion, but itís something I can really respect.

Did Lorraine come to set to see you?
She did.

Did she feel you embodied him?
Something she said--which was all I ever wanted because Ed and I look totally different even through history. I thought about trying to go closer to his look, but it wasnít that important. People arenít gonna see me and go, ĎHe doesnít look like Ed Warren!í You know what I mean? The physicality doesnít matter, but she had said to me, ĎI look in your eyes and you have that same kindness and that same openness that Ed had.í And that to me just made me feel great. Thatís all Iím going for is just to try to capture his spirit.

This is kind of crazy actually. I was looking at rings [for the costume] and I thought, ĎEh, itís probably closer to this one,í and I sent him a picture and he was like, ĎOh! Thatís perfect! He had an onyx ring, it was grey.í And so I picked this ring out and they come to set. We were sending e-mails back and Lorraine goes, ďOh my gosh, you know, I looked for that ring. It looks just like that, but I think I buried him with it.í [Laughs] I was like, well I hope you donít find it, or maybe you will! And then randomly my dad, my own father, had come up the next week and he had a ring and I donít even remember when he got this. He had a ring that looked almost identical to the ring Iíd picked out to play Ed Warren. I mean, the two diamonds and a little onyx piece there. He was on set and I was like, ĎDad, let me see your ring.í He holds out his hand and I was like, ĎWow.í And then, of course, my mom goes, ĎOh, did you get that ring after Dad?í I was like, ĎNo, I had no idea.í

Did working on this make you a believer?
Itís funny. I try as hard as I can to separate my own beliefs. Iím not a skeptical person anyway. I think Iím a pretty open person, but itís such a slippery slope that when Iím playing him, and this sounds kind of hokey and actor-y, but I really donít think about my own feelings at all because he was such a believer and if people were hecklers in the crowd, he would take them on, one-on-one. He was very passionate about what he believed in. Itís like that thing about the men on the moon; people say, ĎNo, we didnít send people to the moon,í and then you talk to Buzz Aldrin, they said, ĎYou cannot take that experience away from me.í Tthere is that kind of sentiment with Ed of going, ĎYou canít tell me what Iíve seen.í And trust me, you get into the demonologists in some of the books that heís written, a lot of itís pretty far out there, itís pretty deep and supernatural, so youíre sort of like, I wanna read, but the more I read, the more I, ĎOkay, let me just go for the ride.í Itís tough. Thatís a long-winded answer. But when Iím Ed, I believe.
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