Hugh Jackman Joins The Circus

By Tim Gomez 2009-08-04 00:33:19discussion comments
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If thereís anything we learned from the 2008 Oscars, itís that Hugh Jackman isnít just an actor; heís a performer, a man set on entertaining his audience through whatever means necessary. He did it well too, making fun of himself just enough to seem likeable while being arrogant enough to be a star.

Now Jackman will get a role that suits his personality perfectly, as Variety reports that he will star as P.T. Barnum in the upcoming musical, The Greatest Show on Earth. The movie will follow Barnum through the events leading up to his creating the greatest circus of all time. I imagine heíll meet Bailey along the way as well. The movie will also cover Barnumís infatuation with singer Jenny Lind, a role written especially for Anne Hathaway.

The movie is apparently a child of the Oscars, as many of the main players (including screenwriter Jenny Bicks) also had a hand in last yearís Academy ceremony. If the movie allows Jackman to have the large personality that he had that night, it can be nothing short of entertaining if not great. Letís just hope they donít get any silly ideas like the eight actors presenting one award thing. Letís also hope they let Joel Stein write jokes again.
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