Humpday Director Lynn Shelton Lines Up Laggies As Her Next Project

By Sean O'Connell 2011-08-22 06:22:49discussion comments
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Humpday Director Lynn Shelton Lines Up Laggies As Her Next Project image
Actress-director Lynn Shelton made a such splash with her 2009 bro-mance comedy Humpday, indie audiences anxiously awaited her next move. Now, as her follow up Your Sisterís Sister prepares to play this yearís Toronto International Film Festival, Shelton is revealing the next project she has lined up.

The Seattle native is ready to lens Laggies, which centers on a 28-year-old woman in a state of arrested development who responds to her boyfriendís marriage proposal by fleeing. She tells him sheís going on a retreat, when, in fact, she ends up hanging out with high-school-aged friends who continue to let her escape the reality of growing up. Couple this with Jason Reitmanís upcoming Young Adult, with Charlize Theron in a similar role as a woman trying to reconnect with her high school love, and itís sounding like the start of a slacker-girl trend.

In its report Variety canít confirm whether Shelton plans to star as well as direct, though if she wanted to bring one of her Sister co-stars along, either Emily Blunt or Rosemarie DeWitt would be ideal for the role (particularly Blunt). The plot of Sister/i> remains unclear, with TIFF officials saying itís about a grieving man who finds love and direction in the strangest of places. But itís reportedly filmed off the coast of Sheltonís native Seattle. Weíll know more once we hit the ground in Toronto.

Variety also notes that Shelton continues to circle an adaptation of Joshua Ferrisí novel Then We Came to the End, which she has been eyeing for some time. But for now, sheíll dive into Laggies and see if the offbeat End can come together in time.
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