I Spit On Your Grave Clip: Pretty Little Thing

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-16 14:39:37discussion comments
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I Spit On Your Grave Clip: Pretty Little Thing image
I Spit On Your Grave is the second of two movies getting a significant release without an MPAA rating in the month of October, the first being the horror movie Hatchet II. If youíre down with changing the ratings system youíll want to support one or both of them, but in the case of I Spit On Your Grave you may also want to see it because it could be good.

Itís a remake of a controversial revenge movie in which a woman is raped and gets revenge on her attackers by revisiting upon them what they visited upon her in the worst ways imaginable. The original movie was shocking and brutal and this one may be the same, but of course, you wonít see that in the safe for work clips being released to promote it. What you will see is all the tension leading up to the movieís fem-leadís attack at the hands of tweaking, hillbilly assholes.

Last week we brought you this exclusive clip in which Jennifer first encounters her attackers while asking for directions on her way out to the remote cabin where she plans to stay. She makes the mistake of laughing at their clumsy, sexual advances. You donít laugh at creepy, hillbillies.

Now thereís this. A new clip detailing what happens shortly thereafter when Jennifer arrives at her cabin and the hillbilly gang follows, and has her cornered. Watch:

The hillbillies are one, big walking clichť but what Iím really digging both about this clip and the previous one is Sarah Butler, who plays Jennifer. Her attackers are a bunch of bad stereotypes but she may actually be giving a pretty good performance here, better than the average screaming horror movie victim. How thatíll work as the movie goes completely nuts later on, I donít know, but maybe thereís potential here. Iím interested.

Look for I Spit On Your Grave in theaters and Unrated on October 8th.
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