Ian McKellen Knows Who Will Play Bilbo

By Katey Rich 2009-08-25 14:06:44discussion comments
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Ian McKellen Knows Who Will Play Bilbo image
Remember how, for a while there, Michael Caine was just dropping rumors right and left about the third Batman movie? It seems that Ian McKellen is now picking up the same game. The only confirmed actor for Guillermo del Toro's two Hobbit movies talked to a crowd at an all-night Lord of the Rings screening in England, and gave a few details about the upcoming movie-- including the fact that Bilbo has been cast!

No, even McKellen isn't crazy enough to tell you who. But according to the report at The One Ring, McKellen doesn't just know who the actor is, but he expects to get the script in a few weeks, and will be shooting in New Zealand by March. All this news on the pre-production process means that we should know about Bilbo's casting very, very soon.

No, it won't be James McAvoy, but The One Ring has some suggestions that it might be Martin Freeman, the actor best-known for playing Tim, the precursor to Jim, on the British Office. No clue where they got that rumor, but toss it on the Bilbo pile for now.
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