Inception's Score Can Even Make Dumb & Dumber Seem Smart

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-12 00:50:53discussion comments
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Inception's Score Can Even Make Dumb & Dumber Seem Smart image
How good is Hans Zimmerís Inception score? Itís so good that applied properly, it can even make Dumb & Dumber seem smart.

Youíve probably already seen more than your fair share of these Inception trailer parodies in which another movie is modified to use the Inception soundtrack and recut to fit the beats of the Inception trailer. Yet most of those parodies were done on movies which already had a lot in common with Inception. For instance thereís this really great one of The Dark Knight here. But if thereís two movies on the planet that have less in common than Dumb & Dumber and Inception I can name them. Yet put them together and what you get, believe it or not, totally works.

Watch Dumb & Dumber & Inception:

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