Incredible New Super 8 Poster Provides First Look At The Aliens, Sort Of

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-18 21:24:39discussion comments
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An amazing new poster for Super 8 had debuted online and, in addition to being beautiful, itís also the closest weíve gotten to seeing whatever it is in this movie thatís terrorizing the small town. The poster, evoking memories of Spielbergís Close Encounters of the Third Kind shows two kids standing in the street holding hands, while groups of alien looking lights float in the sky above the street lamps. Those lights are the most we've seen of the movie's monsters, hidden so well in the trailers.

Itís a Japanese poster, which doesnít makes sense, because artwork this good needs to be seen literally everywhere.

Check out the poster below courtesy of First Showing.

By all accounts the JJ Abrams directed Super 8 was inspired by those early Spielberg alien movies like E.T. and indeed Super 8, and this one sheet fits that beautifully. It even resembles some of those early Close Encounters posters. Note the resemblance:

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