Insidious: Chapter 2 Producer Jason Blum Admits Horror Haters Fuel His Drive

By Kristy Puchko 2013-09-11 06:46:08discussion comments
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Your concept of story first makes sense to me. Iím a critic, blogger, and horror fan, and in that horror is the genre I have to defend for liking more than any other.

Yeah. Me too. Itís so annoying.

But thatís whatís funny! So many of your films Iíve had other critics tell me, ďNo, itís good! And I donít even like horror movies!Ē

Right. Right. Right.

Why do you think horror as a genre typically has this bad wrap?

I donít know. For some reason people value being scared less than they value laughing. They value (horror) less than they value straight drama. And I donít know why. I understand straight violence, like some people have a real issue with violence on screen. I totally get that. But a lot of horror--Insidious is PG-13, itís not violent. So, I donít understand. You know, I did The Town that Dreaded Sundown with Ryan Murphy, and I learned a lot from him about this. First of all, weíre very similar in that he loves musicals as much as horror moviesóas do I. Like when I come to New York, all I do is go see musicals. I love musicals. I love horror movies and I love art movies. And I just produced A Normal Heart, which couldnít be an artier movie, for HBO with Ryan directing. And we produced The Town that Dreaded Sundown which couldnít be a poppier movie, you know?

And I think it could beóI havenít talked about this actually ever, but I think about it all the time. I think being snobby about the kind of storytelling people do, it just irks me. It irks me. And in fact, itís one of the things that drives me to make as many horror movies as I do. Because I think that itís so stupid (this snobbery). I love horror movies. Iím proud of horror movies. I love working in horror, and Iíd love to make horror movies for a long time to come. Thatís a longer answer than you anticipated?

No, thatís great! I feel the same way. I get frustrated when I feel like Iím being forced to defend my presumed bad taste when I like a horror movie.

Itís crazy. And itís no better or worse than a Sundance movieóand I love Sundance movies too. Iím not snobby about that either, but itís no better or worse. Itís about people telling stories.

So, kind of on a similar note: Congratulations on becoming a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences!

Thank you.

I have a theory, and Iím curious of your thoughts on it. Looking at the list of new members, made me think that maybe the Oscars are getting over their long-held bias against genre.

(Flatly) No. (I laugh.) But Iím going to help them! But theyíre not. Theyíre not. Theyíre not. I think weíre a long way away from there, but I think horror movies are definitely cooler than they used to be. Vera Farmiga five years agoóor whoever the Vera Farmiga equivalent of five years ago wasówould never have done The Conjuring in 2008. I think that theyíre getting cooler. I donít think they are Academy-worthy yet, but Iím working on it. Five more years!

(At this point the publicist gave me the ďone last questionĒ signal.)

Is there anything you can tell us about Paranormal Activity 5?

Um, itís very scary.

Thatís all I can get!

(I make a disappointed face, Jason laughs hard.)

Insidious: Chapter 2 opens Friday the 13th.
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