Insidious Is In This New Horror Trailer

By Will LeBlanc 2011-02-17 16:55:55discussion comments
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Insidious Is In This New Horror Trailer image
I canít decide how I feel about Insidious yet. It stars some under-the-radar actors that I thoroughly enjoy like Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, it seems like itíll be a scary thrill ride, but something doesnít feel right. Maybe itís the ďitís not the house thatís haunted...itís your sonĒ line that reminds me so much of Paranormal Activityís hook, or maybe its that it could easily fall into the Haunting in Connecticut realm where great acting is alarmingly overshadowed by a terribly weak story.

This new trailer for Insidious insists heavily and often that you donít forget the name of the movie before its unfortunate release date on April Fools Day. Itís attractively edited, save for the titles, and it will leave you saying, ďyup, itís a horror movie.Ē It seems so far like a movie worth seeing, and that it grabbed some praise at TIFF bodes well for this, Saw director James Wanís latest.

Check out the Insidius trailer below:

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