I've been told over and over by people who have seen it that 500 Days of Summer is far from the typical romantic comedy you get in the summertime. I mean, the movie's tagline is "This is not a love story," so I assume they're right. But every time I see a trailer for the movie, I've got to admit, the movie looks more generic than its champions are making it out to be.

But hey, sometimes generic can be good-- all the trailers have been great, including the new international one that Orange UK posted, and Trailer Addict snagged in embeddable form, which you can see below. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschnael are still as adorable as all get-out, and the more I see of the film, the funnier it seems to be. 500 Days of Summer comes out July 17. Check out the international trailer below.



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