Interview: Motherhood's Minnie Driver

By Perri Nemiroff 2009-10-15 21:40:05discussion comments
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Interview: Motherhood's Minnie Driver image
Just over a year ago, shooting was underway on a Katherine Dieckmann project. Just over a year ago, Minnie Driver was pregnant with her first child. Now not only do we have Motherhood hitting theaters but we also have a mini Driver, Henry.

Dieckmann never planned for Driverís character, struggling mother Elizaís (Uma Thurman) best pal Sheila, to be pregnant, but since Driver was sporting a baby bump at the time and since the movie was about motherhood, why not? She admits it was extremely difficult trudging around the set during a New York City heat wave, but is thankful that she can look back on Motherhood and remember this monumental time in her life.

Celebrity babies gracing the pages of tabloids may be all the rage, but paparazzi be aware; if you get in Driverís way sheíll probably just blog about it, but if you get in Henryís she wonít take that so lightly.

If you could blog about anything what would it be?
Driver: Whoa. Well, Iím actually writing at the moment this thing. Sometimes when you see these pictures, like when youíre followed by paparazzi, I would love people to know really what the history is behind an actual photograph that when they Ė what was going on, like what actually preceded it, what went before the kind of day you were having to sort of humanize that experience so that people go ĎItís not just that kind of oh, they shouldnít whine about being photographedí but somehow to go, you know, ĎIíd actually had five stitches in my foot that day, my son had fallen over and we were on our way to the pediatrician and I was running and this paparazzi wouldnít get out of the way.í Whatever it is, like whatever things that sort of go on I think that, I donít, I always thought thatíd be kind of interesting to blog about just cause itís an angle that people, you know, you read one of those hellish magazines and youíre sort of like Ď Oh look, she got kinda fat!í And thatís sort of it and itís like, wait a minute, thereís a person in here and a story and a life and a human being and I like the idea of humanizing this rather than cannibalizing celebrity.

Would you do that on a personal website?
Driver: No, Iím going to do it in a book I think which I might publish, you know, electronically, I donít know. But I certainly - itís tying in with actually with a, something, sort of a bigger thing but thatís one aspect of it. So, yeah, I think Iíd blog about that. I probably end up will be blogging about that quite soon. The this is that seems how books are done these days.

Itís a great way to test the material and see how people respond.
Driver: I think so! Definitely get very immediate, you know, people leave comments, ĎThis sucks! I donít care. What are you wearing to the Oscars?í [Laughs]

Whatís the one thing about parenting thatís thrown you?
Driver: The love. The unquantifiable love. It just takes my breath away. My sonís face in the morning, or if I hear him ĎMama, Mama, Mamaí and I go and heís just sitting there in his crib, in the dark cause, you know, often he wakes up early itís still dark outside. When I turn the lights on heís like ĎMama!í And itís just, it feels like Christmas. Itís just, you know, the thing of loving something more than you can Ė it is, itís sometimes terrifying and I canít, you canít really go there. You canít go there thinking of the absence of that. You know, itís so, itís so extraordinary and I, you know, everyone tells you that and everyone says that. You canít know until you have it. It just blows your mind. Yeah, Henry.

How was it acting in this movie while you were pregnant?
Driver: It was horrible. I donít recommend it. It was really sort of a great idea. It was me in my previous incarnation thinking ĎOh! Itíll be fun!í Iíd just been on tour and that had been a bit tough but I was like ĎOh, itíll be fine. Itís a small part.í You forget, like, it was a heat wave in New York. It was 100 degrees. Youíre on New York City streets, the stink, Iím in a long sleeve t-shirt with overalls, I was so hot and uncomfortable and waiting around. You should just be at home.

How many months were you?
Driver: I was seven and a half months.

That wasnít even a very small part. Youíre in a lot of the movie.
Driver: Really?

I thought your character had a big impact.
Driver: Iím glad that she had a Ė thatís good. I think that she had a big impact but I donít think I did Ė I hung around more than I worked which is usually fine, if youíre not thatís part and parcel. I rarely noticed it cause I was so pregnant. And we went over a little bit and I had to stay longer than Iíd anticipated and I remember I was close to tears one evening and I was on the phone with my mom and I was like ĎI just [gasp] want to go home and iron [gasp] onesies. I just, I just want to do laundry mom.í She was laughing and she goes ĎYouíll have plenty of time to do laundry, love. Donít worry. Thereís loads coming.í But I did want to be nesting. Iím glad I did it. I just think, I said before, when youíre Ė the greater part, in fact, the whole of my adult working life ahs been chronicled on film and this, I didnít want this part to be an exception. Iím really glad that I made it selfishly just to have him, you k now, for my own history.

Is there anything happening with the Riches?
Driver: Oh yeah, it was totally eighty sixed; 100%. Yeah, it was devastating. Really sad. Really, really awful. Itís just terrible when a, you know, a great show is canceled. But Iíve made a couple of really beautiful films this year. Really amazing, I just finished one, thatíll be great.

Can you tell us more about that?
Driver: Yeah! I just finished this movie in Montreal with Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and, which will be I truly believe kind of epic and wonderful. And then the one before that was with Hilary Swank and she was absolutely incredible and Sam Rockwell and Juliette Lewis, just beyond amazing actors. And Peter Gallagher and thatís going to be great.

Do you have anything coming up?
Driver: Iím just about to make another record. No, Iíve worked back to back and had a baby. [Laughs] Iíve got to have break! Hold on! I donít actually but stuff usually comes up but there Ė I need to do the record. I need to do this cause it needs to be done before I think next year itís going to be busy.

What would you say if Henry wants to be an actor when he grows up?
Driver: I would say good luck! [Laughs] Good luck and Iíll always cook for you when youíre totally broke.
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