Intriguing But Not Exciting Set Photos From Fast Five

By Will LeBlanc 2014-08-07 16:30:32discussion comments
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Intriguing But Not Exciting Set Photos From Fast Five image
Fast whips, cop cars and bank safes, OH MY! Thatís about all youíre going to get out of these new images from the set of Fast Five, the latest in the profitable and never-ending Fast and the Furious franchise. A pile of pics dropped over at ComingSoon and there are a few that are mildly intriguing mixed in among the mostly boring shots of cars sitting still and torn up vehicles.

The first image that piqued my interest was that of a fully exposed bank vault seemingly being dragged through the street. How this plays into the story of Vin Diesel and Paul Walkerís characters we donít know. But if you donít have enough time to crack a bank vault before the cops get to you, you might as well just take the vault with you, right?

The other pair of interesting images shows off a city bus with a curiously flat looking roof, followed by a shot of about a dozen police dirt bikes. Iíd put money on seeing those bikes on top of that bus before the end of that movie.

While thereís no actors present at this particular shoot, the images at least give us a little insight into what weíre going to see in the film: more cars driving really fast doing shit normal cars canít do and all in the comfort of fun-loving Rio de Janeiro (although filming is taking place in Puerto Rico). Expect more from this soon, as theyíre surely going to want to put this as in front of you as possible.

Have a taste below and view the rest over at ComingSoon.

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