Iron Man 2 Breaks Dark Knight's Widest Release Ever Record

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-05 23:30:23discussion comments
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Iron Man 2 Breaks Dark Knight's Widest Release Ever Record image
Iron Man 2 opens in America Friday at 12:01 am, and when it opens, itíll play in more theaters than any other movie in history. The movie will roll out into a record-setting 4,380 locations. The previous booking record was held by The Dark Knight which played in 4,366 theaters.

Some have speculated that Iron Man 2 might be capable of beating Dark Knightís opening weekend box office record, pushing it out into such a wide theatrical release is sure to help. Though the filmís receiving somewhat mixed reaction from exiting audiences, that wonít really hurt it until after the big weekend numbers are already in. Thatís the sort of thing that only really hurts repeat viewings. If Iron Man 2 fills those theaters up, TDKís opening weekend record could be in trouble. Current predictions put Iron Man 2ís opening take at between $155 and $160 million. Dark Knightís record stands strong at $158.4 million.
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