Iron Man 3 Set Photos Suggest A Possible Airline Disaster

By Katey Rich 2012-07-17 09:40:53discussion comments
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Our friend Da7e, who you may have caught taking tons and tons of great costume photos at Comic Con for us, also spends some time writing about Iron Man 3 at Latino Review, where he's frequently digging up information and photos from the set of the film, currently shooting in Wilmington, NC. And this latest batch of set photos is actually pretty exciting, showing Iron Man (or more likely his stunt double) dangling in midair along with a lot of other people, none of whom are really dressed appropriately for a flight in midair. The photos come from Star News Online, and you can check out one of them below:

So here's where the speculation part starts. You notice how some of those people are in business suits, and at least one of them seems to be in the kind of jacket, complete with stars and bars, that's more appropriate for military? And how they all seem to be falling from some great height? Da7e suggests that means they're falling from a plane, and not just any plane… Air Force One. After all, we now know that the threat he'll be facing in Ben Kingsley is none other than the Mandarin, and what more could a foreign villain want than to attack the President? And who else are you going to have come bail you out when the President is threatened in midair?

I have no evidence beyond these photos that the plane in question is in fact Air Force One, and I think it could genuinely be half a dozen other explanations. But hey, this is what speculation is all about-- throwing out an idea and seeing if it sticks. What do you think of Da7e's Air Force One theory? And more importantly, how is Iron Man going to manage to carry all of those people to safety? That's a lot of people to cling to his suit, and we haven't seen him carry that kind of weight before.
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