Is Mr. T In The A-Team After All?

By Katey Rich 2010-01-15 14:41:31discussion comments
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Is Mr. T In The A-Team After All? image
Earlier today UGO's Jordan Hoffman got on the phone with Joe Carnahan to talk about the Smokin' Aces 2 DVD, and since the two have known each other a while, apparently, Jordan got Carnahan to spill some of the goods on The A-Team as well. You've all seen the trailer, but you might have even more reason to look forward to it-- because Mr. T might be in the movie.

Now, it's not really clear how he'd be in the movie exactly-- Carnahan reaffirmed that Mr. T wouldn't show up in the movie as anyone but B.A. Baracus, but also said cryptically when Jordan asked why Mr. T wasn't in the movie, "I donít know that heís not, brutha, I donít know that heís not! That book is not yet closed." So.... is someone going to step through a magic mirror and show us B.A. 20 years later? Is this movie's B.A. simply B.A. Jr.? There are a lot of options here. Read the relevant portion of Jordan's interview below, and share with us your theories, because I'm pretty stumped.

Jordan Hoffman: Why isnít Mr. T. doing a cameo?

Joe Carnahan: I donít know that heís not, brutha, I donít know that heís not! That book is not yet closed. Benedict and Schultz are in it, the thing with T is that heís very vocal that he didnít want to play anyone other than B.A. . . I've been reading, and I don't know why I read the things I read, because literally half of it is made up, but. . .there's this legacy. I mean, there have been a few tense moments out in the Vancouver nightlife with Rampage when people say, ďyou are playing Mr. T.Ē and he very quickly corrects them, ďIím playing B.A. Baracus.Ē Mr. T. is a guy. So we need to fight this tremendous legacy of who is the character B.A.

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