Is The Master Control Program Tron 3's Villain?

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-28 18:19:28discussion comments
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Is The Master Control Program Tron 3's Villain? image
Disneyís planning a follow-up to Tron: Legacy, what form that sequel will take remains to be seen, but the studio will start teasing it on the soon to be released Tron: Legacy Blu-ray. A few weeks ago we showed you this video from the Blu-ray set, in which we learned what happens immediately after Tron: Legacy ended. Now another video from the Blu-ray has leaked, and this one may offer clues to the nature of Tron 3ís villain.

The video embedded below shows a chat conversation between Edward Dillinger Jr. (played by Cillian Murphy in Tron: Legacy) and his father. Edward is the son of Ed Dillinger, the man behind the evil Master Control Program in the first film. Watch:

Edward seems to think heís talking to his father, but note that his fatherís internet handle is MCTRL. Then thereís the voice to consider. That voice you hear is the voice of the Master Control Program, not Ed Dillinger. Even the speech patterns are classic MCP. Dillinger doesnít say ďEnd of LineĒ. Thatís the Master Control Programís bit. Maybe Edward Jr. thinks heís talking to his Dad, but it seems a lot like he may actually be talking to the MCP. Whoever it is that Jr.ís actually working with, together theyíre out take down newly risen Encom CEO Sam Flynn, and likely to be the villain of Tron 3.
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