Jamaican Classic The Harder They Come Getting A Remake

By Mack Rawden 2011-04-12 16:19:23discussion comments
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It's been nearly forty years since audiences were first wowed and fascinated by Perry Henzell's The Harder They Come, but despite still holding up remarkably well, the film never quite caught on with subsequent generations. Even many highly informed young people are only vaguely aware of its existence. Because of that, it's really no surprise many have started clamoring for a remake, but it is a bit curious whose push finally pushed the potential project over the edge.

Justine Henzell, the original filmmaker's daughter, has joined two production companies to make the film happen. Chris Salewicz, a Bob Marley biographer and former NME writer, has been hired to put together a new script, which all hope to have completed in time to show off at Cannes. If it's well received, the remake will begin casting for principal photography to start early next year.

The Harder They Come follows a destitute Jamaican looking to make his mark in the island nation's burgeoning reggae community. He's talented but unwilling to sign away the rights to his music; so, instead, he opts to live as an outlaw, robbing, murdering and turning societal order on its ears.

According to Variety, next year marks both the 40th anniversary of the film and the 50th anniversary of Jamaica. That explains the time crunch, but advantageous release dates aside, it still remains to be seen whether anyone can fill the brilliant shoes of original star Jimmy Cliff.
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