James Bond Is Dead, Daniel Craig May Never Be 007 Again

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-06 12:50:19discussion comments
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James Bond Is Dead, Daniel Craig May Never Be 007 Again image
Like all of you, Iím sick and tired of hearing about MGMís dire financial situation. Itís becoming an albatross around the film communityís neck and their horrible mismanagement of the company has delayed production on two of the most eagerly anticipated movies of all time. Things really arenít looking good for The Hobbit, donít be surprised if it never sees the light of day. Every morning I get up and check my inbox, dreading an announcement pronouncing the whole thing cancelled. And if youíre a James Bond fan, that day has just come for you: The next James Bond movie is dead.

Or at least thatís what AICN thinks. This is the way things have been headed and it seems reasonable, in this instance, to trust them on it. They say all development on the next Bond movie is now dead. This is the Bond movie that Sam Mendes was going to direct, the one written by Peter Morgan, the brilliant scribe behind Frost/Nixon. Maybe you liked what Martin Campbell did with Casino Royale, but heís no Mendes. Just the thought of what this guy could have done with a 007 movie makes my movie gland tingle. It would have been awesome. Would have been incredible. Would have redeemed the franchise for that lame last movie Quantum of Solace. Instead, that lame Quantum of Solace misfire will now be Bondís swansong.

Some day, someone will sort this disaster out and some studio (probably not MGM) will make another James Bond movie. But odds are it wonít be with Daniel Craig. If development really has ended then itís a safe bet that his run as 007 has ended too. If another Bond movie ever gets made, itíll be from different people with a different mindset. Theyíll more than likely be starting over. 007ís glorious reboot is over. Sorry Daniel Craig, you were brilliant, the greedy studio executive who hired you thoughÖ were not.

UPDATE! Late last week the notoriously unreliable Daily Mirror reported much the same thing, saying the next James Bond movie has been "canned".
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