James Franco And Javier Bardem For Clash Of The Titans 2?

By Josh Tyler 2010-11-08 22:47:16discussion comments
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James Franco And Javier Bardem For Clash Of The Titans 2? image
Itís kind of hard to believe that Warner Bros. is even making a sequel to Clash of the Titans, let alone one with new additions like this. But word is that James Franco and Javier Bardem may be up for parts in Clash of the Titans 2, to be titled Wrath of the Titans. Sorry, but the word ďwrathĒ should have been retired from movie titles after Wrath of Khan. Liam Neeson, youíre no Ricardo Montalban.

The rumor comes from Production Weekly where they say Bardem is the rumored choice to play the god of war, Ares. Franco would play Agenor, the king of Tyre in Greek mythology. If true this offers a pretty big clue to what the sequel might be about. Agenorís place in Greek myth is as the father of Europa, whom the god Zeus kidnaps and marries. Is Franco old enough to play the kingly father of a teenage daughter? Seems like strange casting to me.

Wrath of the Titans seems like an unlikely choice for Javier Bardem, whoís not known for taking parts in big, splashy, CGI infested event pictures, let alone ones as lowly regarded as this one. James Franco is hot off his performance in 127 Hours and could probably do better too, but his choices are so unpredictable (he recently did a soap opera after all) you never know. For now itís all rumor and the way PW phrases their tidbit itís all but impossible to tell whether this is just some WB execís pipe dream or whether theyíve actually managed to convince these actors to show up in the film.
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