Jane Levy Talks Blood, Giggles, Scratches, Swamps And Everything Evil Dead

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-13 17:27:35discussion comments
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You were just up for this, all the way? You never went for a stunt double or anything like that?

No, my stunt double did a lot of work. Shes really great. Crystal deserves so much credit, but I did do...

As much as you could.

And I actually could, this is totally bragging but, theres this scene in the movie where I pull that shotgun up and Im holding it and I had to be able to hold the shotgun for a long time because the shot follows all the way up and I have to be holding it straight and its sort of heavy and I could hold the shotgun longer than my stunt double.

There you go!

But she really is amazing. Shes out in that swamp and there was a lot of us dressed as Mia, because there was so many of her and there was so much time as that person and so much time in the makeup chair that they needed to have doubles.

One of the things that I love about the Evil Dead franchise in general is just the fact that its able to mix this great sense of horror with comedy. How did that effect the atmosphere on set?

Its scary, but its also fun. The hardest scenes were the emotional ones and also the physically taxing stuff, but being evil was really fun. I just watched b-roll and it reminded me and Im peeking my head out of the cellar and Im saying horrible things, like, Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... and then I break into laughter and Im giggling like a little girl and Im like, Was that good? and then Im like, What should we do now? and he just goes, Try this, and so then Im doing some nasty thing with my mouth where Im suction cupping the back of my lip with my tongue and doing some perverse face and then I giggle some more and so it was really fun to be a psycho.

How much time did you actually get to spend with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell?

I never met Sam Raimi in my whole life. He has made... He was the final decision maker for everything and he has been behind the scenes, watching the dailies. He was very much involved, but he works directly with Fede and Bruce [Campbell] and Rob [Tappert]. He was busy working on Oz, I think and other various projects and I cant wait for the day when I get to shake his hand.

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