Jean Claude Van Damme Back In Action For Kidnap Thriller Six Bullets

By Sean O'Connell 2011-06-22 14:30:55discussion comments
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Jean Claude Van Damme Back In Action For Kidnap Thriller Six Bullets image
Welcome to the 1980s! Weíve got Sylvester Stallone moving ahead on a sequel to his muscle-bound blockbuster hit The Expendables, exciting projects in the pipeline for Bruce Willis, and breaking news on Jean Claude Van Dammeís latest action thriller.

Relax. You didnít fall into a time machine. Itís just Hollywoodís obsession with nostalgia and the industryís inability to let any stars out to pasture when they can keep stories like this afloat. Following the minor success of the meta indie JCVD, Van Damme appears to be heading back to his bone-crunching roots, headlining Six Bullets for director Ernie Barbarash. Varietyís Andrew Stewart, who broke the story, says Van Damme would play an ex-merc (of course) hired by a martial arts expert (of course) to retrieve his kidnapped daughter (of course!). Even the plot sounds like an Ď80s logline, which either makes me sad or excited. Honestly, I canít tell the difference anymore.

Donít get your hopes too high, though. Variety sets the budget at $10 million, meaning itís about the price that Stallone will pay on catering for Expendables 2. While I preferred Van Damme poking fun of his legacy in JCVD, I think the days of him smashing heads are long gone. But if Barbarash can capture a little of the Muscles from Brusselsís magic, more power to both of them.
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