Jean-Claude Van Damme Leaning Towards Doing Expendables 2, Seagal On The Outs

By Josh Tyler 2011-01-19 00:37:41discussion comments
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Leaning Towards Doing Expendables 2, Seagal On The Outs image
Sly Stallone has talked, almost since the moment the first movie hit theaters, about his desire to add even more big action names to his second installment in The Expendables. Over the weekend Bruce Willis confirmed that heís in, hopefully with a much bigger role than his cameo in the first film. Now it looks like Jean-Claude Van Damme is on board.

Van Damme was offered a part in the first installment of The Expendables but turned it down. Now Moviehole has heard heís coming around. Though their story has been subsequently picked up by other sources, incorrectly credited, and improperly characterized as an interview with Van Dammeís friend Sheldon Lettich, their information actually comes from a private Van Damme Fan board. There Lettich (who wrote and directed Van Dammeís Double Impact and worked with him as recently as 2001 on The Order), has been answering fan questions and in the process of doing so revealed that Jean-Claude is ready to do The Expendables 2. Hereís exactly how he states it:
JC seems to be leaning towards appearing in the sequel, as far as I know. If Steven Seagal is not in the sequel, from what Iíve heard it wonít be because of Sly but because of producer Avi Lerner, who had a few bad experiences with Steven.

Thereís some confusion out there over whether itís really Van Damme and Seagal who have a problem with each other. Several different sources have speculated that itís actually Expendables 2 producer Avi Lerner who has a problem with Seagal. Maybe itís both. Jean-Claude and Steven have long been rivals, in fact back in the 90s their hatred for one another nearly came to blows at a party hosted by Stallone.

Meanwhile word is that Avi Lerner has had problems working with Seagal in the past (they worked together on Kill Switch in 2008) and doesnít want to do it again. Plug all that into a calculator and it sounds like one way or another, though Sly tried and failed to get both Van Damme and Seagal on board for the original movie, theyíre only interested in Van Damme for the sequel, and as long as Seagal stays out, maybe weíll see the Muscles from Brussels on screen and kicking ass with Stallone. For now itís all wild rumor, stick around and weíll let you know once JCVD is confirmed to be on board.
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