Jeffrey Dean Morgan Will Help Fight Communism

By Katey Rich 2009-09-14 06:28:18discussion comments
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For the most part, the producers of the Red Dawn remake have focused on casting a collection of promising up-and-comers to play the force that's fighting the Commies because, well, the movie is set in a high school. But every bunch of pee-wee vigilantes needs an older guide, and while the Wolverine crowd already has Chris Hemsworth as the old dude, they're about to get someone much more experienced in combat and, well, badass.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Collider recently that he'd be traveling from the Puerto Rico set of his latest film, Joel Silver's The Losers, to Detroit to film Red Dawn, in which he'll play "the old Powers Booth character," a pilot who helps the teenagers fight their battle. Morgan sounds pretty pumped about it too: "Itís a really good, young cast. Iíll be the old guy in it, which is cool. The guy who is directing it is Dan Bradley who is the second unit director on all the Bourne movies and the Spider-Man movies. Heís the real deal. A real good, action director and apparently a really good, stylized director with actors anyway. Iím very much looking forward to it."
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