Jerry Bruckheimer Will Lead the Robot War

By Tim Gomez 2009-07-31 01:58:16discussion comments
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Jerry Bruckheimer Will Lead the Robot War image
Iím pretty sure Jerry Bruckheimer produces my weekly trip to the grocery store, at this point. Maybe thatís why when I dropped that jar of mustard, it happened in slow motion and sounded way louder than it probably should have. Now if only he would produce (and finance) my move across the country.

Instead, as Variety is reporting, Bruckheimer has bought the rights to World War Robot, a popular graphic novel series (from IDW publishing, creators of 30 Days of Night) thatís about a human/robot war that takes place throughout the galaxy. Fittingly enough, good olí Bruck closed the deal during Comic-Con last weekend.

Jerry seems to feel a lot more comfortable in an action setting than a comedy or drama realm. So if this movie is just a bunch of robots and humans fighting each other, count me in. If this is some weird contemplative sci-fi where the robots and the humans ďtalk things out,Ē hell, still count me in cause that sounds like a disaster. But I guess no more of a disaster than a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.
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