Joaquin Phoenix Could Replace Edward Norton As Hulk

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-12 01:18:36discussion comments
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Joaquin Phoenix Could Replace Edward Norton As Hulk image
A few hours ago Edward Nortonís agent issued a statement claiming that his client was actually in negotiations with Marvel to reprise the role of Bruce Banner in Joss Whedonís superhero team-up movie The Avengers when the studio abruptly broke things off. That may have been because they found someone else. A rumor claiming ďreliable sourcesĒ says that Marvel has already decided on a replacement for Edward Norton as the Hulkís puny alter-ego Bruce Banner in The Avengers, and itís Joaquin Phoenix.

Comic Con looms and so the rumor claims that is where this will all be confirmed. Weíll see. In the meantime even if the rumorís true Phoenix hasnít accepted the part yet, itís only rumored to have been offered to him. Is he even acting anymore? I thought he was off becoming a rapper or checking into a mental institution or something. Phoenix hasnít been in anything since the surprisingly good Two Lovers in 2008 and has shown no interest in coming out of his self-imposed, drug-addled, acting retirement. Assuming thatís real. It may have all been a hoax to promote a fake documentary being made by Casey Affleck. No oneís come clean one way or the other yet.

Assuming heís not hooked on heroin or something, Phoenix seems like a good Banner replacement. Heís 35-years-old which makes him five or so younger than Norton and six or seven younger than Eric Bana who played the character back in 2003.
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