Joaquin Phoenix And Marion Cotillard Are Dressed For Cold On Set Of James Gray's Film

By Kelly West 2012-02-01 10:29:04discussion comments
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It’s been a while since Joaquin Phoenix in a starring role in anything. In fact, the last film he starred in was the bizarre mockumentary I’m Still Here, wherein he played a bearded, rapping version of himself. On the horizon, he has a starring role alongside Amy Adams in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, as well as James Gray’s upcoming film, which may or may not be titled Low Life.

James Gray’s yet to be (officially) titled project stars Jeremy Renner, Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix, and follows a woman who finds herself “tricked into a life of burlesque and vaudeville” until a “dazzling magician” attempts to help her, and see her reunited with her sister, who’s being confined on Ellis Island. The movie is currently filming in New York City, and some set photos have made their way online from two different sources. All of them have the actors dressed for chilly weather.

Movie Web posted a few photos, including the first two below, one of which has Phoenix looking smiley, possibly waving as he holds a cigarette, while Cotillard can be seen in the background. The other reveals the green-screen in the background as Cotillard and Phoenix look a bit more serious.

And this one comes from Just Jared, which shares a number of similar looking photos of Cotillard in her shawl and Phoenix in the trench coat.

IMDB has the film listed for a 2012 release, however Movie Web says the film is expected to release in 2013. As it’s still filming and The Master is listed as in “Post Production,” there's a good chance we’ll be seeing Phoenix in Anderson’s 50’s set drama before we see him in Gray’s film.

As a fan of Phoenix’ acting work, I’m willing to forget the disappointing I’m Still Hear (Sorry. I didn’t get it), and look forward to seeing him return to film as an actor.
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