Joaquin Phoenix May Start His Comeback In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By Josh Tyler 2011-01-31 23:56:13discussion comments
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Joaquin Phoenix May Start His Comeback In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter image
Hereís the thing I donít think Joaquin Phoenix ever understood about his faux-documentary Iím Still Here: Audiences love it when you put one over on some unsuspecting sap. Thatís why Borat did so well. On the other hand, audiences donít love it so much when you try to make them the sap. That's particularly when you arenít very good at it.

While a handful of people out there will try to tell you that the past three years he spent unsuccessfully trying to trick everyone into believing he was a bearded, drug addict, rapper was worthwhile; for most of the world it was time spent destroying Joaquinís reputation as one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Walk the Line was as long time ago and now, like it or not, Joaquin could use some career rehab. So why not get in on this whole vampire trend which wonít seem to go away? Sounds like a plan so Deadline says Joaquin is the frontrunner to co-star in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The movie really is pretty much exactly what the title suggests, which makes the part of Abraham Lincoln the key role here. Unfortunately for Joaquin, this time he wonít be wearing the man with a beard. Instead, that role has already gone to Benjamin Walker. If he accepts the job, director Timur Bekmambetov will bring Joaquin in to play the mentor character who teaches our 16th president to kill bloodsuckers. As if he wasnít busy enough defeating the Confederacy. Maybe General Grant was a vampire? That would explain a lot, maybe even slavery.

For now it seems like the ball is in Joaquin Phoenixís court. Weíll let you know if he takes the job. If he doesnít maybe Joaquin will end up in a ring with Jerry Lawler.
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