Joe Carnahan's The Grey Is Happening And Bradley Cooper Will Star

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-02-12 17:11:58discussion comments
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Joe Carnahan's The Grey Is Happening And Bradley Cooper Will Star image
Who needs werewolves when real wolves are just as vicious? About a month ago The A-Team director Joe Carnahan revealed that, if he had his choice, his next project would be a piece he wrote called The Grey. It looks like Carnahan is getting his wish because Variety is reporting that Bradley Cooper will reunite with his A-Team director to star in the film.

In January, Carnahan explained to Cinematical that The Grey is about ďa group of pipeline workers in Alaska flying back into civilization after being remote for a number of months. The 737 they're on goes down, and they begin to be hunted by a pack of rogue wolves.Ē Cooper will play one of those pipeline workers.

Even with a top-notch actor attached, Carnahan knows all too well that the project isnít truly up and running until the cameras are rolling. Following his 2006 film Smokiní Aces, Carnahan was recruited to direct two adaptations, White Jazz and Killing Pablo. Well, itís 2010 and neither has been made, but that doesnít mean that theyíre completely abandoned. Carnahan noted in January, ďif not [The Grey], Killing Pablo's always going to be up there for me." He added, "And White Jazz Ė I'm still bound and determined to make that movie." Of course this was Carnahanís feeling back in January. Now that Cooper is set to star, itís a different story.

Thereís also the issue of a potential A-Team sequel. If the film is a massive hit, I doubt Fox will take a pass on the opportunity. I do hope Carnahan finds time to make The Grey. Thanks to a certain snowy horror film called Frozen that hit theaters last weekend, the whole rogue wolf thing is no longer a completely novel concept, but thereís certainly room for improvement and having Cooper attached is an instant plus.
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